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Fine Foods - people as a strategic competitiveness factor

Fine Foods CEO Giorgio Ferraris explained the importance of human capital and how people are a strategic factor for a company's competitiveness.

Reliability was among the issues addressed: Fine Foods selects people based on several parameters including their emotional intelligence and provides specific skills’ training.

The meeting focused on values such as the fight against discrimination (in all its forms) and transparency, which Fine Foods promotes starting from candidate interviews.

Ferraris shared many Fine Foods anecdotes - the story of a company open to dialogue with employees and strongly committed to remaining attractive for new generations. This is shown by the approximately 10,000 CVs received by Fine Foods during the year and a retention rate of about 97 per cent.

Giorgio Ferraris interview was given during the "Top 500 Bergamo" event, organised in partnership with PWC, Confindustria Bergamo, Università degli Studi di Bergamo and Intesa Sanpaolo. Many topics were explored during the event - digitalisation of Italian companies, sustainability (as a priority for entrepreneurs), ESG corporate performance assessment, and the importance of social sustainability to attract and retain young talent. The Fondazione Accademia Carrara’s charming spaces provided the setting.

Ferraris interview is available on YouTube.

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