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Responsibility, transparency and local active engagement

Introspezione e sviluppo con uno sguardo al futuro

In Fine Foods siamo convinti che introspezione e autoconsapevolezza siano fondamentali per sapere cosa abbiamo da offrire, prima ancora di dedicarci alla crescita del nostro team. Ogni persona che entra in Fine Foods trova così meritocrazia e opportunità di crescita a ogni livello, oltre a un ambiente strutturato in cui sentirsi parte attiva e coinvolta.

Strategic objectives

"Fine Foods builds an equitable future by promoting actions of common benefit to the communities where it operates."

Local value
In April 2021, Fine Foods amended its articles of association to become a Benefit Corporation. This decision is a formal commitment to benefit purposes and operating responsibly, sustainably and transparently towards people, communities, regions and the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, bodies and associations and other stakeholders.
Creating relationships with local communities means building relationships of trust and mutual benefit for the company and external stakeholders. The goal is to increase individual and collective well-being by providing skills and resources.
  • Fine Foods builds an equitable future by promoting actions of common benefit to the communities where it operates

Target 2025
  • At least one annual common benefit project activated aimed at people care, culture, regional environmental protection and responsible consumption

  • At least 500 people in the region involved in awareness-raising projects

  • + 500 students involved in meetings on sustainability and orientation issues
  • + 9 students accepted for internships and school-to-work projects
  • Financial support of the activities of the voluntary association “Arca di Leonardo"
  • Financial support of "Accademia Carrara"
  • Support for the "Enterprise Literature" Literary Award"
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