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  • Fine Foods for value creation

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    Continuous innovation, reliability, employee’s motivation, financial solidity and investment capabilities: a CDMO that supports client to achieve the most ambitious objectives of growth and creates value for all stakeholders.
    Our values
  • Fine Foods for a sustainable future

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    A CDMO committed to ESG for more than 10 years, offering to the stakeholders a holistic sustainability that guarantees continuity. We guarantee a safe and engaging working environment to our employees and a respect for our community by virtue of a special attention to the environment, certified by international standards.
    Our Values
  • Fine Foods for transparency and growth

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    A CDMO whose founding values of the stakeholder’s relations are transparency, respect and sincerity. Value sharing sustains the continuous improvement at all levels of the Company, essential for a sustainable growth.
    Our values


Fine Foods is an integrated CDMO with a mission - to be its customers’ manufacturing partner.
Food Supplements
Medical Devices
Every Pharmaceutical project is approached with scientific rigor, in compliance with the well consolidated Fine Foods’ best practices.
Food Supplement projects are always a stimulating challenge to discover new innovation opportunities to share with our customers
Food supplements
Innovation and Personalization: these are the ingredients of every project for the cosmetic customers, to whom we offer solution to achieve a differentiation
We approach the manufacturing of Medical Devices with the same competence and scientific rigor used in our Pharmaceutical activities.
Development and manufacturing of Biocides profits of cross contamination and expertise coming from the Company’s best practices in other businesses.
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  • 100
    M investments in 5 years
    An average annual growth rate of 11% in the last 10 years has supported the investments that Fine Foods makes available to clients, who need standards above average and free capacity.
  • 97%
    Employee’s Retention Rate
    The high engagement and loyalty of personnel is the result of a safe and motivating working environment, full of growth opportunities.
  • > 100
    Manufacturing lines
    A manufacturing capacity in constant evolution supports with agility our customer’s needs, with prompt reactions to every request.
  • 18%
    Of employees dedicated to Science
    An important segment of the workforce is dedicated to science, constantly reaffirming Fine Foods’ commitment to the quest for quality and innovation


A culture of Quality and Innovation

The quest for Technological Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence have been a strategic factor for the growth of Fine Foods and still are.


The selection of the best candidates, frequent training programs and growth opportunities are the pillars of Fine Foods’ competitive advantage. With the growth of our people, we grow too and, with us, our customers.
Our people


Our Commitment for a sustainable future, since the beginning

At Fine Foods sustainability has never been a formal obligation, but an integrating part of our culture.
Our Approach to Sustainability
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