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A flexible, innovative 
and full service approach

Fine Foods produces innovative, quality skin care, deodorants, body and hair care, perfumery and oral hygiene products which follow the latest consumer trends. Fine Foods creates new business opportunities by providing a comprehensive service from the customer’s first briefing to the final packaging – including quality control validations and tracking.


Fine Foods accompanies its customers to realise their projects and suggests solutions that meet marketing, quality, performance and safety requirements. Fine Food process is built around scrupulous quality control, continuously updated technical knowledge, and cross-functional best practices.


Fine Foods positions its customers as leaders in their market segments using the latest innovation that anticipates market trends. It uses effective customer communication, continuous and fruitful partnerships with top suppliers and its cooperation with laboratories and universities.
  • 45 
    M€ of combined cosmetics and medical surgical annual turnover
  • 1.200
    cosmetics and medical surgical SKUs


Scented water and eau de parfum


Bath and shower gel

Shampoo and conditioner

Shaping waxes

Mouthwash and breath products


Gel and toothpaste

Roll-on, stick and vapo spray deodorants

Intimate cleansers

Emulsions and microemulsions


Liquid soaps

Available packaging

Coextruded tubes for creams

Laminated tubes for toothpaste

Aluminium tubes

Special pack for deo sticks

Lip sticks

Air less


Plastic, glass or metal bottles and jars

Bottles and jars with screw caps and press-on caps

Bottles and jars with dispensers

Bottles and jars with screwed or crimped vaporisers

Bottles and jars with cache pumps

Bottles and jars with roll-on

Bottles and jars with protective caps

Bottles and jars with protective seals

Bottles and jars with labels or sleeves

Impianti in uso

  • Opercolatrice
  • Linea confezionamento
  • Comprimitrice
  • Bassina
  • Granulatore a letto fluido
  • High Shear Mixer
  • Mixer


5 ml
10 ml
15 ml
20 ml
25 ml
30 ml
40 ml
50 ml
75 ml
100 ml
125 ml
150 ml
200 ml
250 ml
300 ml
350 ml
400 ml
500 ml
750 ml
1000 ml
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