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Sustainable, responsible and transparent development

Introspezione e sviluppo con uno sguardo al futuro

In Fine Foods siamo convinti che introspezione e autoconsapevolezza siano fondamentali per sapere cosa abbiamo da offrire, prima ancora di dedicarci alla crescita del nostro team. Ogni persona che entra in Fine Foods trova così meritocrazia e opportunità di crescita a ogni livello, oltre a un ambiente strutturato in cui sentirsi parte attiva e coinvolta.

Strategic objectives

"Fine Foods wants a Group sustainable success oriented governance. Fine Foods puts product safety first and acts responsibly and transparently towards its customers, shareholders, people and the environment, where respect for ethics in business and socially responsible behaviour are the basis of the Company daily actions."

Corporate Governance
The Fine Foods Group places responsibility towards customers, shareholders, people and the environment at the heart of its business model, where respect for ethics in business and socially responsible behaviour are the basis of its daily actions.

Business ethics
To pursue its mission while following its values and principles, Fine Foods has adopted a Code of Ethics, which is a set of behaviours that must be followed for the regular Company operation to guarantee its management reliability and preserve its image and reputation.

Product safety
The company is committed to guaranteeing the safety of those who use our products by quality assurance, investing in advanced material identification and traceability technologies and applying strict protocols to ensure regulatory compliance of components, labelling and hygiene monitoring of environments.

Sustainable growth
Fine Foods is convinced that financial performance must be accompanied by sustainable choices on workforce and contracts. The Company's management prioritises hiring under open-ended contracts focusing on youth employment.

Cybersecurity and privacy
Companies are exposed to the risk of accidental events or malicious actions to computer systems that impact their reliability. The Group implements procedures and policies to ensure the reliability of its IT systems and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • 98% of employees hired with open-ended contracts
  • 206,9 Mln Euro turnover
  • Rating ESG Sustaynalitics: 25.6
  • ECOVADIS ESG Rating: 78/100 (score better than 99% of companies in the ranking).
Strategic projects
  • Projects for the dissemination and acquisition of skills related to the code of ethics and implementation policies in group companies.
  • Implementing management reward systems based on ESG criteria to incorporate sustainability objectives in the corporate organization.


  • Maintaining the MBO system on ESG criteria for all first level managers who have influence on ESG issues
  • Implementing the 231 System in all Group companies


  • MBO system on ESG criteria for first- and second-level managers who impact ESG results.
  • 98%
    Employees hired with open-ended contracts
  • 206,9
    Mln Euro turnover
  • 78/100
    Ecovadis ESG Rating
    Score better than 99% of companies in the ranking
  • 25,6
    Rating ESG Sustaynalitics



Code of Ethics and Policies


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