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Fine Foods excellence 
in a wide range of 
ready-to-market products

Our R&D department has developed a wide range of ready-to-market solutions, meeting speed, flexibility needs and reducing time-to-market. Fine Foods has expertise and products of proven quality in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

An efficient 
and innovative process

Our Ready-to-Market range is the result of a close look at the nutraceutical sector’s evolving needs. We have developed a product portfolio inspired by customer needs to meet the demands of a dynamic and innovative market. The result is an extensive catalogue of products that have already undergone stability studies and are ready-to-market.

A rapid market 
access guarantee

The nutraceutical market is constantly evolving, with rapidly changing needs that require prompt and targeted responses. Choosing a Ready-to-Market product means immediate access to the market launch phase, without losing the high quality and innovative content of every Fine Foods solution.

Therapeutic areas 


Probiotic products targeting gut health and specific mainstream health areas.

Multivitamins & Minerals

From traditional multi-vitamins products to innovative formulations with branded ingredients or new delivery formats.

Immune System

From traditional products with vitamin C or herbal extracts to innovative products encompassing branded ingredients or new delivery formats.

Sleep & Relax

From melatonin-based mono-component products to solutions enriched with a blend of herbal extracts or exploiting latest delivery technologies.

Gastrointestinal System

From fibre-based products to innovative formulations with branded ingredients or new delivery formats.

Circulatory System

An innovative solution with probiotics and Group B vitamins specifically studied to promote heart functions.

Osteoarticular System

From products with minerals to innovative formulations with branded ingredients.

Urinary System

Probiotic, cranberry and vitamin-based formulations in traditional and innovative formats.

Women Health

From formulations aimed at targeting pregnant mothers to probiotic-based solutions for female urinary system wellness.


From traditional formulations with vitamins to collagen, hyaluronic acid and probiotic-enriched products.

Healthy Ageing

Vitamin, mineral, probiotic and branded-ingredient formulations for healthy ageing.

Mental Well-being

Branded-ingredient probiotic-based innovative formulations.

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