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Innovation / R&D

Your Partner for the Research and Development of Innovation

The objective of the R&D department is to discover the best tailor-made solution, to help the customers to achieve a competitive advantage. Our skilled staff, starting from the customer’s needs and taking into account the market trends, creates the most suitable formulations, that use the most innovative raw materials and that will be produced with Fine Foods’ state-of-the-art equipment.

Result oriented Innovation

Our R&D, very sensitive to customer’s needs and Market trends, supports the clients in the formulation of the most ambitious projects, tailor-made or ready-to-market products.

Pharmaceutical Quality, Nutraceutical Creativity

Pharmaceutical rigor is in Fine Foods’s DNA and plays an essential role in the development of Food Supplements that meet the best combination of innovation, quality and regulatory guidelines.

Sinergies for growth and development

By means of affiliation with European (FSE) and Italian Associations (Union Food, Federsalus, Egualia) Fine Foods supports the customers in keeping up to date with the fast changing regulatory guidelines.
  • 162
    New projects/year
  • 205
    New stability tests/year
  • 18%
    Staff dedicated to scientific matters

A Process in continuous Evolutions

Research of the formulation idea

A synergic cooperation with the best suppliers of raw materials supports our search for new ideas and market trends. We always offer to our clients the best formulations supported by scientific studies, with a special attention to consumer’s needs and medical advisors.

Technological Feasibility Check

A good idea need a good implementation. We are equipped with Lab technologies that can reproduce in small scale all the most relevant processes of solid oral form manufacturing. With the aid of these technologies we obtain a fast and realistic prediction of a new formulation and samples with organoleptic properties representative of full scale production.

Product Development

New products are formulated in tight cooperation with Quality Assurance and Quality Control, with an eye on the aspects attractive to the final consumer and a special attention to sustainability.

Stability Studies

Small scale R&D productions are fundamental to prepare samples, which will be used to carry out reliable stability studies, essential to predict the shelf life of finished products.

Pilot Runs

We leave nothing to chance. Before proceeding with full scale production, we manufacture pilot lots, thoroughly followed step-by-step by our industrialization scientists. Pilot scale runs helps us to intercept undesirable events that didn’t emerge in the R&D small scale tests, thus helping us to avoid production problems and meet the customer’s timelines.
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