A dedicated Quality Unit is in charge of Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM’s Quality System. The unit is comprised of a Central Quality Assurance Management group heading three Quality Assurance units, one for each of the three manufacturing sites and two Quality Control Laboratories.


Both laboratories are GMP certified for the control of pharmaceuticals and are equipped with units for microbiological analysis.


For what concerns Nutraceuticals, Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM has recently upgraded its auto-inspection plan to the ISO 22000 requirements. Specific protocols have been implemented for the production in total safety of gluten free and allergen free products.

The suppliers of Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM have been selected according to criteria of excellence and, when required by the risk assessment, stringent supplier’s audits are regularly carried out.

Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM’s Quality System is based on requirements common to all company’s activities and applies to the different productions. This results in a harmonic and efficient system, unique in its kind, benefitting from the cross-fertilization of the three activities of Fine Foods and Pharmaceuticals NTM


The Certifications of Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM:


The certifications obtained by the pharmaceutical plant in Brembate


The certifications obtained by the nutraceutical plant in Verdellino


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