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Creating value throughout the supply chain

Introspezione e sviluppo con uno sguardo al futuro

In Fine Foods siamo convinti che introspezione e autoconsapevolezza siano fondamentali per sapere cosa abbiamo da offrire, prima ancora di dedicarci alla crescita del nostro team. Ogni persona che entra in Fine Foods trova così meritocrazia e opportunità di crescita a ogni livello, oltre a un ambiente strutturato in cui sentirsi parte attiva e coinvolta.

Strategic objectives

"Fine Foods promotes and shares its values throughout the supply chain and works towards a qualified supply chain in business ethics, focusing on respect for human rights."

Human rights and deforestation in the supply chain
Supply chain relationships are indispensable and a significant source of value creation.
Fine Foods is engaged with strategic suppliers to bring environmental and social improvements to the products we market.

Responsible procurement policies
Moving the supply chain towards a management respectful of human rights and the environment is possible by adopting tools to assess the environmental and social impact of players involved along the value chain, and by purchasing products and services that guarantee the best environmental performance for the same functionality. The Environment and Climate Protection Policy adopted by the Fine Foods Group companies makes the criteria for sustainable purchasing explicit. This must be adopted by each employee, particularly the procurement unit, to make their commitment to society and the environment effective.
  • 79% value of purchases from suppliers assessed using ESG criteria.
  • 106 suppliers assessed under ESG criteria
Strategic projects
  • Sharing corporate values along the supply chain

  • Environmental and social assessment of suppliers 



  • Group of suppliers representing 95% of total spend on raw and packaging materials, with signed code of conduct
  • Group of suppliers accounting for 90% of total spend on raw and packaging materials, assessed under Environmental and Social criteria.
  • Prioritising sustainable procurement and implementation of at least one project in indirect procurement


  • 95% of suppliers signing the code of ethics.

  • 95% value of purchases of raw materials and consumables from suppliers assessed on ESG criteria.

  • 79%
    Value of purchases from suppliers assessed using ESG criteria.
  • 106
    suppliers assessed under ESG criteria.
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