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The pillars sustaining our activities

We are committed to create value to our customers, with innovative products and a superlative service; to our Employees, with an ethical and transparent working environment supporting the personal growth; to our community, with activities sustainable and respectful of the environment, certified according to international standards.


The motivation and the extensive training of our specialized staff brings unique competence and professionalism to every project of our customers. Financial solidity, strong investment capabilities, a careful control of the supply chain and state-of-the-art technologies are the foundation of our long lasting relationships with our customers.


Quality for us is not just a technicality. We select raw materials and packaging from reliable suppliers, carefully selected and audited, complying with our ethical code. Our manufacturing technologies are constantly updated and all our activities are aligned with a very advanced set of procedures. The competences and the best practices acquired by our company in the last 40 years, are applied by our specialists to certified workflows.


Ethics are in the first place among Fine Foods’ values. We reject any form of discrimination and offer equal opportunities to every employee, with compensation exclusively based on merit. It is for our staff, the true strength behind our growth, that we work hard for an ethical, fair and transparent working environment.


A transparent internal communication and capacity for dialogue at all levels and for all company’s positions are fundamental to create flexibility and to support growth synergies. The principles of lean production and continuous improvement are the daily guidelines of our manufacturing, made flexible by a constant and cross-functional problem solving approach.
Continuous Improvement


Value creation is for us to have a positive impact on everything that surrounds us  and where we belong: people, environment, community. We are committed to give back the value that we receive from our employees, from the environment, from the community where we operate, to build a future more sustainable, in line with the values that have always been part of Fine Foods, since the origin.

Code of Ethics and Policies

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