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Fine Foods grows ten per cent annually

L’Economia – Corriere della Sera, 4 December 2023

Fine Foods is expanding by building a new factory next to the Brembate plant, in the Bergamo province. The new plant will produce 1.5 billion doses of a branded drug for a large multinational.

Pharmaceutical companies tend to outsource part of their production to CDMOs such as Fine Foods. The partner’s reliability is crucial in making that choice. To ensure its reliability our Group made substantial efforts to be best in class in the areas of sustainability, organisation, human resources and employee retention rate, which stands at around 97 per cent. Employees are carefully selected and trained as they are strategic for the company's development

This is an in-depth article on Fine Foods’ story for L’Economia - Corriere della Sera.

Read the article here (available only in Italian)

Please find here a company translation of the article

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