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The best of CPhI Barcelona 2023

From 24 to 26 October, Fine Foods participated in the CPhI trade fair in Barcelona. It was an event where Fine Foods put the customer at the centre by strengthening relationships and establishing new opportunities, due to the Group's reliability and expertise and a high level of innovation. Below we share the best of the 2023 event.

In the pharmaceutical industry, transferring a drug from an original production site to a CDMO involves careful assessment of candidates by customers.

The Barcelona trade fair allowed Fine Foods to show pharmaceutical customers its commitment to successful results and true partnerships from the early stages. The Group created a dedicated team backed by experience developed in leading international companies. The team applies a proactive and constructive approach to the search for innovative and valuable solutions that can meet and anticipate customer needs.

Fine Foods' commitment to the pipeline development was one of the topics discussed during the 2023 event. The Group confirmed its Pharma BU drivers such as organisational solidity, established flows and a work team with extensive experience, expertise, discipline, passion and dedication to customer satisfaction.

At CPhI 2023, Fine Foods presented three nutraceutical trademarked innovations. These show the contractor’s desire to contribute to its customers' innovation process by enabling them to reach their full market potential.

The first innovation is the Biotic3™ product range, an eight-product line combining prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics in one formulation. With the Biotic3™ range, consumers who normally buy probiotics will find products which best combine the benefits of known prebiotics and probiotics with new "trendy" ingredients such as postbiotics used in other sectors.

The second is the Hydralibrium™ product range, which is based on cellular hydration. The powder or liquid gel formulas contain four electrolytes inspired by the difference between intracellular and extracellular concentrations, enriched with selenium to protect cell vitality. This range was designed to provide vitality and strength in different categories to meet different consumer needs.

Finally, Fine Foods presented three concepts as part of its QuickSlow2™ brand, for sleep, energy and immunity. These formulations combine the benefits of two products in one on-the-go solution to meet the needs of today's busy life. The products allow for the modified release of ingredients over time, ensuring immediate and prolonged energy.

Fine Foods' innovation goes beyond the product and places the customer at the centre when developing new initiatives by creating innovative services that bring value in the areas of sustainability, customer relationships with doctors and pharmacists, and geographic expansion.

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