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The best from Vitafoods Europe 2023

On 11 May, the Vitafoods trade fair 2023 ended. From this great experience, made up of people, meetings and innovative products, we want to collect the best and share it with everyone.

Let's start by talking about products, particularly Biotic3 and Fizzy & Fast tablets, two food supplements unveiled during the event.

Biotic3 is an orodispersible powdered, easy-to-take, on-the-go product that combines prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics in a holistic approach to intestinal well-being due to the product's dual action - in situ and the entire body. Fizzy & Fast Tablets are practical take-with-you tablets that fizz and dissolve directly on the tongue without water, a fun format for adults and children that allows for the fast release of nutrients.

Vitafoods Europe was more than this. We talked about eco-design strategies for nutraceutical products and how sustainability is a product innovation driver by giving customers the opportunity to create more sustainable solutions and successfully differentiate products on the market.

With the "Fine Foods for Future" idea presented in the Vitafoods "New Product Zone", Fine Foods was selected to take part in the Innovation Tours that allowed visitors to discover how key suppliers are responding to market trends.

Among the other activities that contributed to the success of Fine Foods' participation in the Geneva event was the "The Dark Side of the Moon" presentation by Corporate R&D Director Andrea Luraschi, who talked about the cultural change that CDMOs are facing - from production companies to product innovators, able to anticipate consumer needs.

As part of Vitafoods Europe 2023, we were asked to describe what distinguishes Fine Foods from other contract manufacturers and how innovation is vital to our company. Marketing Manager Viola Baiutti, answered in an interview available on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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