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NCF, November 2023

An interview with NCF highlights Fine Foods’ added value in technology transfer and other processes.

The technology transfer process involves a series of codified steps that must never be taken for granted. The successful transfer of a pharmaceutical production is possible due to experience, process knowledge and the organisation’s involvement. While following the specifications and the scope of sustainable regulatory changes, it is possible to improve product quality and add value to a drug.

A technology transfer project consists of four critical steps, and each is crucial for the next. This includes feasibility and Gap Analysis, Analytical Method Transfer, Batch Engineering, Industrialisation and Batch Validation phase and preparation of documentation for the regulatory submission for new manufacturers. This is followed by the production of commercial batches.

Coordinated by a project leader, all company departments will be involved in the process including procurement, the pharmaceutical technology laboratory, technical services, and the customer-fronting sales team streamlining and balancing the flow of information needed to develop the transfer plan, satisfying and anticipating customer needs.

Read the article here.

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