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Giorgio Ferraris participated in the “Top Italian Companies 2023” event

Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM CEO Giorgio Ferraris participated in the “Top Italian Companies 2023” event organised by Corriere della Sera - Economy section and Italypost, where Fine Foods was ranked among the top 50 Italian companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

During his speech, he explained the reasons for Fine Foods' success in its sectors: Pharmaceuticals, Supplements, and Cosmetics.

Ferraris described Fine Foods' driving forces and the qualities that make it a reliable CDMO for demanding companies. He emphasised Human Resources importance, talked about the talent involved in the conception and production processes and services that distinguish the company from its competitors.

He explained that one of Fine Foods' positive strengths is its ability to establish structured, long-lasting relationships with its customers that are destined to develop in growing target markets.

The video of Ferraris's speech is available by clicking on this link.

(The full video is available here)

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