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Technology transfer at Fine Foods - a balance between hard and soft skills

One of Fine Foods' key success factors is the correct mix of technical expertise, experience and innovative capacity, customer care and team passion.

In this new NCM Magazine edition, we talk about technology transfer.

Technology transfer is a crucial process for the pharmaceutical sector which, for some decades, has been proceeding along two parallel lines - the search for innovative therapeutic strategies, which is the prerogative of multinationals able to invest significant resources in the long term, and maintaining a therapeutic level with primary care drugs that guarantee suitable solutions and drug quality.

Transferring the production of a drug normally used in established therapeutic practice entails a careful assessment of partners. Transferring the production from an original production site to a partner requires evaluating the receiving organisation’s financial, quality and reliability parameters. The correct mix of experience, process knowledge and involvement of organisation components decides the success of the technology transfer process. It is a complex activity involving a series of codified steps that must not be taken for granted. This is possible due to the organisational soundness, established flows and teams that combine extensive experience, expertise, discipline and a desire to improve as professionals to support the development and success of the Group and its customers.


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