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About Pharma, November 2023

Supplements are a challenging segment for Fine Foods. Brands need continuous innovation to be competitive and successful and require contractors to contribute to the innovation process. This is a cultural change for CDMOs which started as producers working behind the scenes, and now must be innovative companies capable of anticipating market trends. Fine Foods embraced this role from the beginning.

At CPhI in Barcelona, the international event that brings together suppliers, innovators and healthcare professionals, Fine Foods presented three trademarked nutraceutical innovations. The first is the Biotic3™ product range, an eight-product line combining prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics in one successful formulation. The second innovation is the Hydralibrium™ product range, which is based on cellular hydration. Finally, Fine Foods presented three concepts as part of its QuickSlow2™ brand, for sleep, energy and immunity.

CPhI was an opportunity to share Fine Foods' drive for excellence, focus on customer satisfaction and support in achieving their market potential.

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