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Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals N.T.M. - a sustainability and integration focus


The Group pursues business objectives in line with its sustainability strategy. The company is one of the few CDMOs in Europe, and has a significant presence in the nutraceutical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. This provides a competitive advantage by exploiting the combination of the best technologies and knowledge of these sectors. This advantage translates into greater production reliability in the nutraceutical sector due to the expertise acquired by manufacturing pharmaceutical products, and greater speed and flexibility in the Pharma sector because of the experience gained in the nutraceutical sector. R&D synergies increased by entering the cosmetics sector.

Fine Foods is an Italian company for two reasons - it was founded and chose to keep its operations and production in Italy. It is a European cluster of excellence with an international approach. Most of its products are destined for export and the Group's customers include major multinational companies with operations and plants throughout Europe and non-European countries.

Fine Foods Group CEO Giorgio Ferraris, talked to Pambianco about this.

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