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Fine Foods gets EcoVadis' Platinum Sustainability Rating

We are pleased to announce that Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals N.T.M. S.p.A. obtained EcoVadis Platinum Sustainability Rating.

EcoVadis is one of the most crucial international eco-sustainability rating platforms. It quantifies a company's ability to manage environmental, human rights, ethical principles and sustainable procurement within the sector's boundaries.

The Platinum Sustainability Rating 2022 places Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals N.T.M. S.p.A. in the top one per cent of companies in EcoVadis' global ranking (out of more than 90,000 companies) equal to 99th percentile. With this Fine Foods earned the Platinum Medal.

EcoVadis analysts said that Fine Foods (which adopted a holistic approach to ESG issues for several years) showed an advanced sustainability management system that effectively covered the four issues.

Following international compliance standards and eco-sustainability principles became an increasingly competitive factor in a world oriented toward developing and implementing sustainable practices which create wealth while reducing the environmental impact and expressing concern for society. This is highly valued by stakeholders.”


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