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A PCR for genetic tests at Fine Foods’ Microbiology labs

The Microbiology Labs of Fine Foods have been equipped with a AriaMx Real-Time PCR, an advanced instrument for the genetic determination of microbiological contaminants in the finished products.

The AriaMx Real-Time PCR System is an instrument designed to perform PCR amplification, detection of “target” nucleotide sequences and data analysis system.

Validated for most of applications with 14 different identification tests, AriaMx Real-Time PCR is the most comprehensive analytical/diagnostic instrument for a fast and accurate identification of pathogens in finished products and guarantees reliable results both on qualitative and quantitative analysis.

With qualitative Real-Time PCR, the presence of DNA belonging to a large variety of pathogenic microorganisms can be revealed, with high specificity and sensitivity.

The analysis can be carried out in a few hours, on up to 90 samples at once.

With this new instrument the Microbiology labs of Fine Foods will carry out faster and more accurate analysis, yielding to a more dynamic and reliable supply chain.

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