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Our commitment to a sustainable future, since the beginning

We have been committed to an ESG responsible approach for more than 10 years, to a holistic sustainability that guarantees continuity offer to all our stakeholders. To our staff we guarantee a safe, motivating and transparent working environment. To our Community, a responsible environmental behavior, certified by International Standards.

A positive impact generating value

A positive impact on employees, community, environment and stakeholders is the beacon guiding our management strategy. The constant innovation on ESG fundamentals is oriented to the creation of a concrete and demonstrable value, that goes beyond the law requirements and that can make the difference.
Our policy on Environment and Safety
  • 40%
    Woman’s Quota in Management roles
  • 17
  • 95%
    Retention Rate*

    *Data relating to Fine Foods only
  • 2
    Co-generation power generators
  • 802
    MWh / year of renewable energy generation

A Constantly Evolving Solid Commitment

Eco-Sustainable Initiatives

Besides a solar powered system and two power co-generators, installed to improve energy efficiency, we have implemented programs for the reduction of natural resources, such as water, and for the environmental impact of waste.

Human Resources

The true added value of Fine Foods are the people: we are fully committed to create an environment with no discriminations, ethical, cross-functional and with the highest consideration for human and social principles.

Innovative R&D

R&D is actively involved in the selection of eco-compatible materials to create finished products with the lowest possible environmental impact.
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