Research & Development

  • Constant research of the most innovative raw materials
  • Scientific and regulatory support
  • Development of new formulations and pharmaceutical technologies
  • Pilot batch production
  • Efficient product scale-up


The R&D laboratory is equipped with small scale technologies, representative of the company’s main production lines: fluid bed granulator, high shear mixer, blenders, tabletting machines, coating pan.

This equipment gives Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM a competitive edge for a fast and efficient development of new products, intercepting and avoiding critical steps of the production.

Development of new products is carried out with the utmost attention: from formulation to the optimization of production processes, from assembly of the documentation to the assessment of the product’s stability, including, if necessary, the development of new analytical methods and their validation, in cooperation with Quality Control.

An active cooperation with important associations, such as FSE (Food Supplement Europe) and AIIPA (Associazione Italiana Integratori e Prodotti alimentari) provides Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM with the relevant information on the evolving European regulations regarding food supplements and foods for special groups, extremely relevant for its customers.


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