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Medical Devices

Quality and control for highly effective products

We keep abreast of opportunities to develop and improve medical devices for homes and hospitals. Our plants provides first-rate production, including our proprietary and customer-requested formulas. They are controlled throughout the production process, with guarantees of a certified company to produce medical devices for itself and third parties.

A continuous testing process and standard compliance

We conduct tests and evaluations throughout the production process to ensure our customers first-class solutions which are delivered with a report certifying their suitability standard. We use quality raw materials comparable to those required to meet high pharmaceutical standards.

Striving for manufacturing excellence

We believe we have a duty to our customers - to always strive for a high technological standard in our production facilities and ensure the highest level of quality and production capacity. In the Pharmatek-PMC plant, the production uses top-level technological equipment designed by top Italian manufacturers (Omas, Weightpack, Tirelli).

Forms manufactured

Orthodontic cleaning tablets

Disinfectants for surgical instruments

Decongestant nasal sprays





Impianti in uso

  • Opercolatrice
  • Linea confezionamento
  • Comprimitrice
  • Bassina
  • Granulatore a letto fluido
  • High Shear Mixer
  • Mixer


2,6 gr (Tablets)
30 ml
1000 ml
5000 ml
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