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Fine Foods wins “Best Outsourcing Industrial Project” award

Fine Foods received a key award from one of the world’s top 50 pharmaceutical companies and its more important business partners – Chiesi Farmaceutici.

Fine Foods’ CEO Giorgio Ferraris received the “Best Outsourcing Industrial Project” award on 17 November at Chiesi Vendor Day, an international event dedicated to the Chiesi Farmaceutici group’s suppliers.
The award recognises suppliers with eco-sustainable expertise and is only given for successful projects working in close partnership with Chiesi.

“We award the Best Outsourcing Industrial Project prize in recognition of the support and commitment in a complex framework where deadlines were met in the face of the Covid emergency,” a Chiesi spokesperson said.

Ferraris said the award was only possible due to the contribution of Fine Foods employees, especially those working in the Pharmaceutical division’s Technology Transfer group.

“Chiesi and Fine Foods have come a long way and overcome many difficulties together. We are aligned on sustainability goals and ready to meet the next challenge.”

Sustainability has been Fine Food’s focus for more than a decade. Fine Foods is committed to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) standards, which enabled the company to offer customers and stakeholders a new holistic sustainability concept. As a result, Fine Foods is highly motivated to positively impact a management strategy to create tangible, measurable value that makes a difference.

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