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Fine Foods renews its sponsorship for the “Premio Letteratura d’impresa” in 2023

The “Premio Letteratura d’impresa”, promoted by ItalyPost and the magazine "L'Economia" of Corriere della Sera, and sponsored by Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM S.p.A., rewards editorial content analysing exciting entrepreneurial stories.

Fine Foods promotes community initiatives supporting literature that provides inspiration for private and professional life, and sponsors the “Premio Letteratura d’impresa”, as it did in 2022.

During the Festival d'Impresa in Vicenza, a jury of experts chose five finalist books and now the readers' jury will give its final opinion.

The winner of the 2023 Award will be announced at the Festival Città d'Impresa event in Bergamo, in November.

Fine Foods considers reading books important for employee development and an essential tool for learning how to deal with complex problems. In 2022 the company combined the "Premio” (Award) sponsorship with an in-company initiative, launching the first “Concorso Letterario Fine Foods” (Fine Foods Literary Competition).

The company made the first two classified books available free of charge to employees who wished to write reviews. These will be assessed by the authors.

The top three reviews will win an award in June 2023 which will be presented at an event involving all participants.

Given the initiative’s success, the “Concorso Letterario Fine Foods” will be repeated with the first two books awarded in 2023.

Watch the video interview with Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM CEO Giorgio Ferraris at the Vicenza Festival d'Impresa ceremony


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