In Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM we

  • promote transparency in the relationships and professional ethics, moral integrity of individuals and respect of all social and environmental laws and regulations;
  • repudiate any form of discrimination based on sex, ethnicity, language, personal and social conditions, religious or political belief;
  • incentivize individual and collective commitment, aimed to growth and improvement;
  • encourage teamwork and foster our employee’s continuous and extensive training: we believe that our customers deserve the highest competence and professionalism;
  • consider our customers’ complete satisfaction as non-negotiable;
  • build strong relationships with our preferred vendors and value the importance of lasting and strong cooperations;
  • work hard to stretch our quality system beyond the most stringent customer’s expectations;
  • believe that sharing our core values is essential to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.


Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM considers these values as an essential part of its Ethical Code.


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