Company’s Milestones

Foundation as an R&D laboratory focused on fluid bed technology

Inauguration of the new Brembate Pharmaceutical site (1.500 m²)

Inauguration of the new Zingonia nutraceutical site (4.500 m² on a 21.000 m² property)

Opening of a new warehouse in Zingonia (2.500 m²)

Expansion of Manufacturing and Warehousing in Zingonia  (+ 4.000 m²)

Opening of a new Warehouse in Brembate (1.000 m²)

Expansion of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in Brembate (+ 1.000 m²)

Acquisition of Omicron Pharma Srl located in Nembro

Expansion of the Warehouse in Zingonia

First phase of the expansion of R&D and QC laboratories

Merging of Companies under the name Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM SpA.


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