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Using natural resources efficiently and redistributing them fairly among the population means that everyone has access to basic services such as electricity, drinking water and adequate quality and quantity of food. For this reason, Fine Foods supports the integration of environmental and social sustainability into its business model in its daily operations.

Certifications, eco-design, sustainable production and products - a focus that involves the company and its supply chain and underpins the Group's innovation.

Fine Foods talks to NMC Magazine journalists.


The Group pursues business objectives in line with its sustainability strategy. The company is one of the few CDMOs in Europe, and has a significant presence in the nutraceutical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. This provides a competitive advantage by exploiting the combination of the best technologies and knowledge of these sectors. This advantage translates into greater production reliability in the nutraceutical sector due to the expertise acquired by manufacturing pharmaceutical products, and greater speed and flexibility in the Pharma sector because of the experience gained in the nutraceutical sector. R&D synergies increased by entering the cosmetics sector.

Fine Foods is an Italian company for two reasons - it was founded and chose to keep its operations and production in Italy. It is a European cluster of excellence with an international approach. Most of its products are destined for export and the Group's customers include major multinational companies with operations and plants throughout Europe and non-European countries.

Fine Foods Group CEO Giorgio Ferraris, talked to Pambianco about this.

In June 2023, an award ceremony was held for the Literary Competition organised by Fine Foods for its employees. They reviewed two books "Nina sull'argine" by Veronica Galletta and "L'album dei sogni" by Luigi Garlando. These were the top two titles in the "Premio Letteratura d’Impresa" event which Fine Foods has always sponsored.

The reviews were assessed by the books’ authors, who named three winners for each book, who were awarded prizes ranging from € 250 to € 750. The six winners were presented their awards by CEO Giorgio Ferraris, during a dedicated event held at Fine Foods' headquarters in Verdellino.

Fine Foods Write a review and win prize

The Fine Foods competition encourages reading, and business literature, which provides an interesting inspiration for professional and private life.

This initiative is part of the broader range of Fine Foods’ personnel-focused activities, to create a stimulating working environment and a deep sense of belonging.

Given the initiative’s success, the competition will be repeated next year.


The nutraceutical supply chain event Vitafoods in Geneva attracts an international audience and was an opportunity for Fine Foods to showcase its experience in creating value for stakeholders through innovation.

In this new NCM Magazine issue, the Group tells its experience at the Geneva event – a showcase for its sustainability commitment, which is a product innovation driver. Its attention to customers makes it a strategic partner by developing tailor-made services and innovative solutions to create top products which meet end-consumer needs and produce a positive market response.


Market Insight interviews Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM Corporate R&D Director Andrea Luraschi

"We want to be our customers' production plant and support them in creating increasingly sustainable products. We strive to develop and produce our customers’ products by devising new strategies to decarbonise processes, minimise the use of energy, natural resources and raw materials, promoting their circular use. We research and suggest more environmentally friendly materials."

The article talks about the Group's commitment to increasingly sustainable products, one of the six Group's Sustainability Strategy pillars, i.e. a practical plan comprising actions and projects, that cross from product concept development to production. It talks about eco-design and innovation, sustainability certifications obtained, goals achieved and future targets.


Fine Foods CEO Giorgio Ferraris explained the importance of human capital and how people are a strategic factor for a company's competitiveness.

Reliability was among the issues addressed: Fine Foods selects people based on several parameters including their emotional intelligence and provides specific skills’ training.

The meeting focused on values such as the fight against discrimination (in all its forms) and transparency, which Fine Foods promotes starting from candidate interviews.

Ferraris shared many Fine Foods anecdotes - the story of a company open to dialogue with employees and strongly committed to remaining attractive for new generations. This is shown by the approximately 10,000 CVs received by Fine Foods during the year and a retention rate of about 97 per cent.

Giorgio Ferraris interview was given during the "Top 500 Bergamo" event, organised in partnership with PWC, Confindustria Bergamo, Università degli Studi di Bergamo and Intesa Sanpaolo. Many topics were explored during the event - digitalisation of Italian companies, sustainability (as a priority for entrepreneurs), ESG corporate performance assessment, and the importance of social sustainability to attract and retain young talent. The Fondazione Accademia Carrara’s charming spaces provided the setting.

Ferraris interview is available on YouTube.

On 11 May, the Vitafoods trade fair 2023 ended. From this great experience, made up of people, meetings and innovative products, we want to collect the best and share it with everyone.

Let's start by talking about products, particularly Biotic3 and Fizzy & Fast tablets, two food supplements unveiled during the event.

Biotic3 is an orodispersible powdered, easy-to-take, on-the-go product that combines prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics in a holistic approach to intestinal well-being due to the product's dual action - in situ and the entire body. Fizzy & Fast Tablets are practical take-with-you tablets that fizz and dissolve directly on the tongue without water, a fun format for adults and children that allows for the fast release of nutrients.

Vitafoods Europe was more than this. We talked about eco-design strategies for nutraceutical products and how sustainability is a product innovation driver by giving customers the opportunity to create more sustainable solutions and successfully differentiate products on the market.

With the "Fine Foods for Future" idea presented in the Vitafoods "New Product Zone", Fine Foods was selected to take part in the Innovation Tours that allowed visitors to discover how key suppliers are responding to market trends.

Among the other activities that contributed to the success of Fine Foods' participation in the Geneva event was the "The Dark Side of the Moon" presentation by Corporate R&D Director Andrea Luraschi, who talked about the cultural change that CDMOs are facing - from production companies to product innovators, able to anticipate consumer needs.

As part of Vitafoods Europe 2023, we were asked to describe what distinguishes Fine Foods from other contract manufacturers and how innovation is vital to our company. Marketing Manager Viola Baiutti, answered in an interview available on LinkedIn by clicking here.

The MF Milano Finanza Focus Sostenibilità (Sustainability Focus) describes Fine Foods 2022-2025 Sustainability Strategy. Six pillars, six macro-areas of impact around which the Group's commitment revolves: Ethics and Governance, People, Environment, Responsible Supply Chain, Sustainable Products, and Land Development.

The article explains how involving the supply chain in the improvement process is a key factor for Fine Foods. This is equal to 80 per cent of the value of raw and packaging materials ordered from virtuous suppliers, who are assessed based on ESG criteria.

The article describes the ways Fine Foods acts as an expert partner in supporting its customers achieving challenging goals such as reducing their impact on the environment and climate by developing sustainable products, applying eco-design strategies and selecting raw materials and packaging that promote the circular economy.

The article is available at the following link: MF Focus - L’impegno di Fine Foods per un futuro sostenibile

In the new NCM Magazine issue, Fine Foods talks about sustainability and the excellent results that sustainable choices are bringing.

The Fine Foods Group published its Sustainability Report 2022. This showed the progress made in the six macro-areas of sustainability impact: ethics and governance, people, environment, sustainable products, supply chain and land development.

The article discusses the significant awards received by Fine Foods (such as the Platinum Rating from EcoVadis) and the sustainability actions implemented.

The article is available at the following link: https://issuu.com/inpharma/docs/b2b_nutramedic_cosmetics_no.4

The “Premio Letteratura d’impresa”, promoted by ItalyPost and the magazine "L'Economia" of Corriere della Sera, and sponsored by Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM S.p.A., rewards editorial content analysing exciting entrepreneurial stories.

Fine Foods promotes community initiatives supporting literature that provides inspiration for private and professional life, and sponsors the “Premio Letteratura d’impresa”, as it did in 2022.

During the Festival d'Impresa in Vicenza, a jury of experts chose five finalist books and now the readers' jury will give its final opinion.

The winner of the 2023 Award will be announced at the Festival Città d'Impresa event in Bergamo, in November.

Fine Foods considers reading books important for employee development and an essential tool for learning how to deal with complex problems. In 2022 the company combined the "Premio” (Award) sponsorship with an in-company initiative, launching the first “Concorso Letterario Fine Foods” (Fine Foods Literary Competition).

The company made the first two classified books available free of charge to employees who wished to write reviews. These will be assessed by the authors.

The top three reviews will win an award in June 2023 which will be presented at an event involving all participants.

Given the initiative’s success, the “Concorso Letterario Fine Foods” will be repeated with the first two books awarded in 2023.

Watch the video interview with Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM CEO Giorgio Ferraris at the Vicenza Festival d'Impresa ceremony


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