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The “Premio Letteratura d’impresa”, promoted by ItalyPost and the magazine "L'Economia" of Corriere della Sera, and sponsored by Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM S.p.A., rewards editorial content analysing exciting entrepreneurial stories.

Fine Foods promotes community initiatives supporting literature that provides inspiration for private and professional life, and sponsors the “Premio Letteratura d’impresa”, as it did in 2022.

During the Festival d'Impresa in Vicenza, a jury of experts chose five finalist books and now the readers' jury will give its final opinion.

The winner of the 2023 Award will be announced at the Festival Città d'Impresa event in Bergamo, in November.

Fine Foods considers reading books important for employee development and an essential tool for learning how to deal with complex problems. In 2022 the company combined the "Premio” (Award) sponsorship with an in-company initiative, launching the first “Concorso Letterario Fine Foods” (Fine Foods Literary Competition).

The company made the first two classified books available free of charge to employees who wished to write reviews. These will be assessed by the authors.

The top three reviews will win an award in June 2023 which will be presented at an event involving all participants.

Given the initiative’s success, the “Concorso Letterario Fine Foods” will be repeated with the first two books awarded in 2023.

Watch the video interview with Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM CEO Giorgio Ferraris at the Vicenza Festival d'Impresa ceremony


On March 2023, during the event "Empower the Future" by Forbes Italia, Giorgio Ferraris, CEO of Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals NTM S.p.A., gave a speech during the "Social Sustainability" panel.

The video is now available here (AVAILABLE ONLY IN ITALIAN)


Fine Foods builds an equitable future and promotes actions that benefit the community where it operates.

The article discusses sustainability as a company strategy pillar, the importance of training young people, and involvement of employees in choosing the goals to be included in the Sustainability Plan.


At the sixth "Colazioni Digitali” (Digital Breakfast), the green talk of LOGIN: Corriere della Sera, Fine Foods talks about its sustainability experience

CEO Giorgio Ferraris was among the guests at the sixth “Colazioni Digitali” (Digital Breakfast), the green talk of Corriere della Sera, held in Bergamo on 28 February 2023.
Fine Foods adopted a holistic approach to sustainability, investing in choices with reduced environmental impact before it became an urgent and widespread need.


Click here for the interview with Giorgio Ferraris (available only in Italian)

Bergamo and Brescia Italian Capitals of Culture 2023. Through performing art, Fine Foods tackles the Covid topic showing us how it has changed the way we live.

We support and promote the theatrical performance “Giorni muti, notti bianche” (Silent days, white nights), in partnership with the Il Tempo della Cura association. This is part of a series of events planned by "Bergamo e Brescia capitali della cultura 2023" (Bergamo and Brescia capitals of culture 2023).

About 20 nurses and doctors of the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, accompanied by professional actors, will retrace the events and emotions of the terrible days of March 2020 in four dates from 16 March to 15 April.

To find out the programme schedule click here

Link to RAI regional service

The 2022 "Supplier Awards" were presented today at the Chiesi Group's Vendor Day 2022 to company partners which stood out in four categories.

The 2022 "Supplier Award" given to Fine Foods as “Best Supplier for People and Planet” for the “Industrial CMOs” category is an additional recognition of the Italian CDMO's commitment. This follows the award received in 2021 for the "Best Outsourcing Industrial Project."


Read the entire press release

Watch the Award ceremony video 

Forbes Responsibility and 100 Sustainability Champions” supplement in Forbes November double issue
Fine Foods ESG Manager Marta Pettena talks about company strengths and goals.


Read the full article here (Italian only)

Marketing Insight interviews ESG Manager Marta Pettena, after receiving the Eco Vadis Platinum award. Eco Vadis is one of the most important international eco-sustainability rating platforms. This award "provides a reliable global benchmark for our performance and independent proof of our commitment to sustainability across the business."


Please read the full article here (Italian only).

valoreD arancio nopayoff - Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals N.T.M. S.p.A


Verdellino (BG), 15 June 2022

Fine Foods joined the first Italian inclusion and diversity company network, the "Valore D" Association.

Valore D comprises more than 270 companies and was founded in 2009 by Astrazeneca S.p.A., Enel S.p.A., Ikea Italia Retail S.r.l., UniCredit S.p.A., Vodafone Omnitel N.V., Nuovo Pignone S.p.A., Consortium of Johnson & Johnson Companies, Microsoft S.r.l., McKinsey & Company Inc., Italy, The McGraw-Hill Companies S.r.l., Luxottica Group S.p.A. and Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A., as associate founding member.

Being a "Valore D" member is a sign of a tangible commitment to equal opportunities, inclusion and anti-discrimination. It requires training and targeted activities throughout Fine Food's employees. The move means that Fine Foods’ management receives cutting-edge tools to integrate diversity and inclusion policies which are part of its "Fine Foods for Future 2025" sustainability strategy.

Fine Foods believes that diversity is a core value that enables it to attract the best talent and show their value as individuals. Such a policy generates employee satisfaction and encourages an innovation-rich and creative environment which responds effectively to future challenges.

Fine Foods promotes diversity and works to eliminate gender discrimination and support equal opportunities. Building an inclusive environment, where people can express their potential and be valued, is a Group crucial goal.

Following the fifth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal - gender equality, Fine Foods Board of Directors is composed of 43 per cent women. Women held 48 per cent of management roles in 2021. These percentages are reflected in the composition of the group's overall workforce.

Fine Foods' commitment to employees is to offer equal opportunities for professional growth in an ethically correct and interdisciplinary environment.

A comprehensive commitment to investing in people and their value, which then becomes Fine Foods value too.

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