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The 2022 "Supplier Awards" were presented today at the Chiesi Group's Vendor Day 2022 to company partners which stood out in four categories.

The 2022 "Supplier Award" given to Fine Foods as “Best Supplier for People and Planet” for the “Industrial CMOs” category is an additional recognition of the Italian CDMO's commitment. This follows the award received in 2021 for the "Best Outsourcing Industrial Project."


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Forbes Responsibility and 100 Sustainability Champions” supplement in Forbes November double issue
Fine Foods ESG Manager Marta Pettena talks about company strengths and goals.


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Marketing Insight interviews ESG Manager Marta Pettena, after receiving the Eco Vadis Platinum award. Eco Vadis is one of the most important international eco-sustainability rating platforms. This award "provides a reliable global benchmark for our performance and independent proof of our commitment to sustainability across the business."


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Verdellino (BG), 15 June 2022

Fine Foods joined the first Italian inclusion and diversity company network, the "Valore D" Association.

Valore D comprises more than 270 companies and was founded in 2009 by Astrazeneca S.p.A., Enel S.p.A., Ikea Italia Retail S.r.l., UniCredit S.p.A., Vodafone Omnitel N.V., Nuovo Pignone S.p.A., Consortium of Johnson & Johnson Companies, Microsoft S.r.l., McKinsey & Company Inc., Italy, The McGraw-Hill Companies S.r.l., Luxottica Group S.p.A. and Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A., as associate founding member.

Being a "Valore D" member is a sign of a tangible commitment to equal opportunities, inclusion and anti-discrimination. It requires training and targeted activities throughout Fine Food's employees. The move means that Fine Foods’ management receives cutting-edge tools to integrate diversity and inclusion policies which are part of its "Fine Foods for Future 2025" sustainability strategy.

Fine Foods believes that diversity is a core value that enables it to attract the best talent and show their value as individuals. Such a policy generates employee satisfaction and encourages an innovation-rich and creative environment which responds effectively to future challenges.

Fine Foods promotes diversity and works to eliminate gender discrimination and support equal opportunities. Building an inclusive environment, where people can express their potential and be valued, is a Group crucial goal.

Following the fifth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal - gender equality, Fine Foods Board of Directors is composed of 43 per cent women. Women held 48 per cent of management roles in 2021. These percentages are reflected in the composition of the group's overall workforce.

Fine Foods' commitment to employees is to offer equal opportunities for professional growth in an ethically correct and interdisciplinary environment.

A comprehensive commitment to investing in people and their value, which then becomes Fine Foods value too.

Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals N.T.M. S.p.A. C.E.O. Giorgio Ferraris told businesses that the days of having a good income statement without a solid commitment to sustainability were gone, and society was moving towards a new business paradigm. Speaking at the "Benefit Corporations; from words to facts - a new business paradigm" event, Ferraris said that for Fine Foods, the idea that sustainability was the future emerged during a series of management alignment meetings.

"There cannot be a good income statement without sustainability, and we want to continue in this direction. Our company has a strong awareness, which our customers notice. We believe that sustainability is an essential compass which guides our management system," Ferraris said. Fine Foods adopted more social, environmental, and governance criteria for more than a decade. This started with the certification of business processes, which provided the basis for the continuous improvement of Fine Food's sustainability model.

"We are doing a lot of work with our people, aligning and sharing values and training our talent to motivate those who work for Fine Foods," Ferraris said. This approach was having a knock-on effect on staff retention – Fine Foods boasts a 97 per cent retention rate and receives 11,000 unsolicited CVs annually. Ferraris said that this was a sign that staff were promoting Fine Foods as a great place to work, which encouraged the company to continue investing in its human resources. The “Benefit Corporations; from words to facts” event was organised on 25 February by PwC, one of the world's largest professional services networks for businesses, together with Assobenefit, the first association representing Italian Benefit Corporations which supports companies with a business model focused on the common good. The event was presented by finance journalist Dario Donato and broadcast online, and looked at companies that have decided to become "Benefit Corporations" in Italy and how they were driven to apply a new sustainable success paradigm. This model combines a traditional company business with common benefit and social responsibility goals to create value for stakeholders. Speakers at the event included Mauro Del Barba, Senator and Assobenefit President, who enabled the legal recognition of Benefit Corporations, and Francesco Ferrara, Partner PwC Italia and ESG Leader.


Watch the interview here (available only in Italian).

View the full event at the following link (available only in Italian): Società benefit, dal dire al fare - un nuovo paradigma di business

Zingonia, 15 February 2022 – Fine Foods scooped up one of the top awards from the SDA Bocconi initiative yesterday at the new Milan Bocconi Campus.
This initiative rewards the best companies that create financial, technological, human, social and environmental value by operating sustainably. Fine Foods won this year's Hot Topic category, which honours Upskilling and Talent Development.

“Fine Foods' challenging business environment requires brilliant personalities: emotional intelligence and differences of opinion are crucial to create an ecosystem that can thrive in an increasing complexity.
This award is encouraging us to continue our journey to make Fine Foods one of the most attractive employers in our industry.”

CEO Giorgio Ferraris

Watch the Fine Foods prize giving here (Only in Italian)

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The SDA Bocconi award highlights Fine Foods' commitment to value creation, which integrates social, environmental and governance criteria. Fine Foods focuses on human resources to provide employees with interdisciplinarity and social compatibility opportunities for professional growth in an ethically-correct discrimination-free environment.

img news 1 1 - Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals N.T.M. S.p.A

Fine Foods' activity is in keeping with the award's nature, which broadly defines sustainable development as respecting needs for the environment, innovation and financial management while holding fast to the human factor when doing business and ensuring continuity.

The award is for Italian companies with a turnover of between €25 million and €5 billion and confirms Fine Food's excellence. It allows new dialogues with Italian companies and guarantees future growth.

Fine Foods has started a valuable collaboration with the Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering Department of Politecnico di Milano. The objective was to implement selected continuous improvement projects, aligned with the strategic corporate goal to increase manufacturing efficiency.
Despite the complexities deriving from the COVID pandemic and the consequent safety restrictions, the first project was recently brought to completion. Two students worked closely with the Engineering department of Fine Foods, applying to real life advanced Lean Production methodology studied in classroom.
Mr. Paolo Stefanini, Engineering Director at Fine Foods, declared: “The efforts of teachers, tutors and students of the Industrial Management Lab course, jointly with our staff, lead to an amazing teamwork: we wanted to thank all the participants to the project for the excellent results achieved together."

The current pandemic situation is impacting everybody, even people who were not affected by COVID, much more than people perceive. Fine Foods, wishing to help all employees to overcome this difficult period, will offer support in two areas considered critical: nutrition and stress management. For both sites, Pharma and Food Supplements, Fine Foods will sponsor one-to-one and follow-up sessions with a nutritionist and a psychologist, available to all employees. Individual meetings will be complemented with informative material easily accessible in common areas and via the company’s intranet.
Fine Foods’ CEO, Giorgio Ferraris, commented: “We firmly believe in this initiative, that I personally promoted and championed: it is part of our social responsibility to sustain our employees in these difficult times and to help them to improve emotional and health well-being in their private and professional life.”

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