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Biocides and PMC

Technological expertise for hygiene and safety

Continuously searching for advanced and tailor-made solutions, Fine Foods produces biocides and medical and surgical aids for the disinfection of undamaged skin and environments/surfaces in its Pharmatek-PMC production facility. We are authorised to produce third-party medical and surgical aids and biocides for human, making formulas at the customer's request or using our Ministry-registered proprietary formulas. We meet all production and packaging requirements.

Project quality guarantee

Each product undergoes scrupulous testing and is delivered with a report certifying its suitability standard. Our constant search for technological innovation allows us to deal expertly with the production process and offer services tailored to individual customer needs.

Flexibility, experimentation, innovation

Technological updates, rigorous certifications and constant research into the best solutions are our guarantees for products with high innovation content, making us a channel for experimenting and creating the most advanced production solutions. This is why we study our customer needs and offer a flexible and tailor-made service.

Forms manufactured

Antiseptics for undamaged skin

Hand gel 50% alcohol

Hand gel 70% alcohol


Hydroalcoholic surfaces



Bottles (including with child-resistant cap)


Single-dose wipes


Impianti in uso

  • Opercolatrice
  • Linea confezionamento
  • Comprimitrice
  • Bassina
  • Granulatore a letto fluido
  • High Shear Mixer
  • Mixer


3 ml
8 ml
50 ml
80 ml
100 ml
125 ml
250 ml
500 ml
750 ml
1000 ml
5000 ml
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